Dimuken have been manufacturing specialist off-line equipment for over 50 years and now offer the widest range of value added finishing machinery including models for applying magnetic tape on car park tickets, boarding passes, ATB's, equipment to produce integrated cards or integrated labels in forms or mailers, and machines for Hot Spot Carbon Application, Pattern Gluing, Paper Conversion, Punching, Perforating, Label Diecutting (with waste removal). We offer Pre and Post solutions for digital printer systems, as well as modular systems for the production of forms and mailers including Sheet Cutting, Folding, Unwinding, Rewinding, and more....


Hologram Application
Hot Foil Hologram Security

We specialise in Hologram application and hot foil stamping equipment for the Security Print, Business Forms, Continuous Stationery, Brand Authentication, Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Label sectors.

We manufacture several models capable of hot stamping Holograms, Optically Variable Devices OVD's, and Kinegrams; most of which also run other security features such as conventional foil blocking, scratch-off foiling, MICR, OCR encoding, numbering, and blind embossing.

Hologram Application Products:
• Hologram Applicator DC-1605 - Sheet Fed Hologram Foiling on Polycarbonate
• Hologram Applicator DC-1603 - Sheet Fed or Continuous Feed - Two foil stations
• Polycarbonate Line DC-8614-PC - Kingrams & Holograms on Passports, ID cards, Visas etc.
• Hologram Encoder DC-8614-H2 - Applying holograms & foil stamping - Two foil stations
• Hologram Encoder DC-8614-H4 - Applying holograms & foil stamping - Four foil stations
• Hologram Applicator DC-8614-HS - Sheet Fed Model - Four foil stations
• Holostripe Applicator DC-9745 - Holographic stripe application - 6 or 8 foil streams

InkJet Printing
Versatile Digital InkJet Imaging

To complement our offerings to the security print and business forms sectors Dimuken has developed the DC-9740 InkJet printer which can be used for virtually any kind of variable data digital printing application including address files, barcodes, bitmapped images, weighted numbering and static text in mailers, business forms, tickets, tags and labels. The DC-9740 InkJet printer is designed to be attractive to commercial printers searching for a versatile on demand printing system providing high quality print at a realistic price.

Ink Jet Printing Products:
• InkJet Printer DC-9740
• Sheet Fed InkJet Printer DC-9740-SF

Paper Handling
Paper Handling Made Easy

We offer a range of modular paper handling equipment for use in the production of business forms, security documents, labels and mailers. Our products include roll unwind units, roll rewind units, sheet cutting, pack fan folding and more....

Paper Handling Products:
• Unwinder DC-8406
• Unwinder DC-8406-2250
• Rewinder DC-8407
• Rewinder DC-8407-2250
• Sheeter DC-8922
• Rotary Sheeter DC9746
• Rotary Sheeter DC9746-A4
• Spiral Folder DC-8921
• ReFolder DC-8304-G

Paper Processing
Off-Line Value Added Processes

Our range of paper processing equipment allows the production of intetegrated labels and forms, custom punching, numbering, label half die cutting, application of magnetic stripes, embossing, custom perforations and virtually any other process that could ever be required on a document.

Paper Processing Products:
• Patch Applicator/Cutter DC-9537
• Imprinter DC-8202
• Die Cutter DC-8203
• Magnetic Tape Applicator DC-9745
• Rotary Die Cutter DC-9332
• Waste Winder DC-8305